Mortise & Tenon Magazine Issue Six



Mortise & Tenon Magazine, Issue Six

Table of Contents:

  • The Wooden Brace: Bitstock Technology for the 21st Century - Joshua A. Klein

  • William Morris and George Nakashima: Finding the Middle Landscape - David Lane

  • Examination of a Hanging Cupboard

  • Forging Traditions: The Common Ancestry of Japanese & Western Edge Tools - Wilbur Pan

  • The Good Life: Discussing Slöjd with Jögge Sundqvist

  • A Windsor Chair Called 'Henry' - Nathaniel Brewster

  • A Painted Chest in the Pennsylvania-German Tradition - Jim McConnell

  • A Tale of Two Trees: The Radical Efficiency of Green Woodworking - Michael Updegraff

  • Cutting-edge Technology: Rediscovering the Double-iron Plane - Steve Voigt

  • Book Recommendation: Yanagi's 'The Unknown Craftsman' - Arsenios Hill

  • At Work in the Shop: Cabinetmaking Returns to Old Sturbridge Village - Brock Jobe

In 2016 Joshua Klein launched a biannual print magazine celebrating the preservation, research, and recreation of historic furniture, offering a fresh take on the efficiency and viability of working wood by hand.