Multi-Tip Screwdriver (old-style handle) Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

Multi-Tip Screwdriver (old-style handle)



Multi-Tip Screwdriver with Old-Style Handle

Interchangeable tips are held in place by a very strong magnet. Set includes six bits: #1 and #2 Phillips, #1 and #2 Square, 5.5mm and 6.5mm Slotted. S2 Steel tips, hardened to Rockwell 54-56. Accepts other standard 1/4" shank bits. Old-style Curly Maple handle.

Our Curly Maple handles have a new improved finish, developed to bring out the natural figure of the wood, without stain. The old-style handles are available here on Tom's Toolbox while supplies last. To view our updated Screwdrivers, click here.