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The Woodworker Vol. III: Joinery



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The Woodworker: The Charles H. Hayward Years - Vol. III

The Woodworker: The Charles H. Hayward Years – seeks to reprint a small but valuable portion of the writings published by Charles H. Hayward in The Woodworker during his time as editor in chief. A finely trained cabinetmaker and extraordinary illustrator, Hayward is widely considered to be the most important workshop writer of the 20th Century.

This third volume covers all types of woodworking joints; including how to design them, cut them, and fix them when things go awry. In addition to Hayward’s take on joinery, this publication also contains the perspective of other British writers including J. Maynard, Robert Wearing, K.J.S. Walker, and C.A. Hewett – all contemporaries of Hayward during his time writing for The Woodworker.

The text is broken down into four sections as follows:

  • Panel Joints
  • Frame Joints
  • Dovetail and Carcass Joints
  • Miscellaneous Joints

Lost Art Press, 2016. Hardcover, 278 pages. Printed and bound in the USA.