Saw Sharpening

with Isaac Smith

June 09 - 10 , 2018

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Saw Sharpening

with Isaac Smith

June 9-10, 2018

Saturday (9-5) Sunday (9-4)

Materials Fee: None

Skill Level: All

Required Tools: See Below

Registration Information

Total cost is $275; no Materials Fee. Lunch included. Limited to 12 people.

Located at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks: Route 1, Warren, Maine 04864.

To sign up, click the 'Buy' button above or call: 800-327-2520. A non-refundable $125 advance deposit is required at checkout; full payment is required 30 days before the workshop. For more information call or email us.

Note: For customers unable to take projects with them, shipping charges apply.


In this Workshop saw maker Isaac Smith will instruct students on the theories and practice of saw sharpening. Students will learn about the necessary saw sharpening tools and the effects of saw tooth geometry on cutting before learning to sharpen both rip and crosscut teeth. This course will also cover what to look for when buying saws and saw sharpening equipment.

Isaac Smith will bring a small collection of saws to practice with, and students are encouraged to do the same.

About the Instructor

Isaac Smith's first encounter with a handsaw was disappointing. Not knowing how to remedy a poor sharpening job, he returned it to the maker and set aside thoughts of using hand saws. Years later he found an early Disston backsaw, and began to work on extensive repairs.

Finding the repair of the old Disston saw satisfying, Isaac began to make his own saws. Several years and many hundreds of saws later, he still remembers the satisfaction of that first smooth cut, and hopes that others can experience the same pleasure.

Required Tools

Below are some of the tools we'll learn about in the class. We encourage you to bring your own tools or buy the required tools when you get here, as there are not enough classroom tools to outfit everyone.

Please do not bring tools in need of repair or major fettling – there will not be time to fully tune them for use during the workshop.

Please keep in mind, the best way to guarantee available tools for the class is to call ahead with an order. Some items on this list may be specific to another toolmaker. Please call us with any questions.

Note: The list below references tools Lie-Nielsen carries, though you are welcome to bring tools from other makers.

  • Three 6" X-slim or 6" XX-slim Triangular Saw Files (Bahco, Pferd, or Nicholson/Simonds N.O.S. strongly recommended)
  • Jointing File (8" Smooth Cut Mill)
  • File Handle
  • Saw Set (Stanley 42 or 42X, Eclipse 77, Millers Falls 214 or equivalent)
  • Magnification (loupe, magnifying glass, or Magni-Focuser)
  • Dykem (Red with brush in bottle)

    Optional Tools

  • Saw Vise (Lie-Nielsen will have some on hand)
  • Saw Filing Guide (such as Lee Valley saw file holder)
  • Saw Jointer/File Holder
  • Calipers and/or Micrometer
  • Feeler Gauge Set
  • Dust Brush