Carve A Traditional Canoe Paddle

with Oliver Pratt

June 23 - 24 , 2018

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Carve a Traditional Canoe Paddle

with Oliver Pratt

June 23-24, 2018

Saturday (9-5) Sunday (9-4)

Materials Fee: $30

Skill Level: All

Required Tools: See Below

Registration Information

Total cost is $305; $275 Ticket and $30 Materials Fee. Lunch included. Limited to 12 people.

Located at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks: Route 1, Warren, Maine 04864.

To sign up, click the 'Buy' button above or call: 800-327-2520. A non-refundable $125 advance deposit is required at checkout; full payment is required 30 days before the workshop. In the event that a Workshop needs to be cancelled, we will contact you at this time. For more information call or email us.

Note: For customers unable to take projects with them, shipping charges apply.


The class will make a traditional wooden canoe paddle starting with a pre-shaped paddle blank. Students will start by using the drawknife to rough out the basic thickness and curves giving the paddle its lightness and strength. They will then clean up and customize the finished shape with spokeshaves and slöjd knife, and finish the paddle with Linseed Oil.

We will also cover sharpening, care, and use of the tools used in the class. Please do be mindful of the time we will have to cover this and do not bring tools in need of repair of serious fettling.

About the Instructor

Oliver grew up playing the trumpet and began to play professionally at the age of 15. He attended Berklee College of Music and received a Bachelors of Music in Performance.

He took up green woodworking during a four year break from playing and quickly became immersed in the culture of handcraft and Slöjd. After spending a few years primarily carving spoons and bowls in the greenwood tradition of axe and knife he discovered bowl turning on a pole lathe and this quickly became his main interest in woodworking. Though his focus is pole lathe turned bowls he remains very interested in all forms of traditional handcraft, and continues to learn everything he can from the community of craftspeople he is happy to call friends.

Oliver takes his influence from traditional examples of spoons and bowls, his fellow craftspeople, and also from his training as a musician. He finds that the composition, proportions, and 3 dimensional flow he attempts to attain with his woodwork very closely reflect those aspects in the music he most loves to hear and make.

Required Tools

Below are some of the tools we'll learn about in the class. We encourage you to bring your own tools or buy the required tools when you get here, as there are not enough classroom tools to outfit everyone.

Please do not bring tools in need of repair or major fettling – there will not be time to fully tune them for use during the workshop.

Please keep in mind, the best way to guarantee available tools for the class is to call ahead with an order. Some items on this list may be specific to another toolmaker. Please call us with any questions.

Note: The list below references tools Lie-Nielsen carries, though you are welcome to bring tools from other makers.

  • Drawknife
  • Boggs Flat and Curved Spokeshaves (to work inside and outside curves)
  • Slöjd Knife (Mora 106 or 120 are good inexpensive knives. Knives made by Pinewood Forge and Reid Schwartz are also high quality suggestions, as are any carving knife sold by the Maine Coast Craft School)
  • Flexible Ruler around 18" in length
  • Pencil

Optional Tools