Green Wood Skills: Carved Wooden Bowls

with Danielle Rose Byrd

August 10 - 11 , 2019

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Green Wood Skills: Carved Wooden Bowls

with Danielle Rose Byrd

August 10-11, 2019

Saturday (9-5) Sunday (9-4)

Materials Fee: $40

Required Tools: See Below

Registration Information

Total cost is $315; $275 Ticket and $40 Materials Fee. Lunch included. Limited to 12 people.

Located at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks: Route 1, Warren, Maine 04864.

To sign up, click the 'Buy' button above or call: 800-327-2520. A non-refundable $125 advance deposit is required at checkout; full payment is required 30 days before the workshop. In the event that a Workshop needs to be cancelled, we will contact you at this time. For more information call or email us.

Note: For customers unable to take projects with them, shipping charges apply.


This two-day class will cover how to carve a bowl straight from a log using only hand tools. Students will learn how to properly utilize traditional tools and techniques, as well as how to incorporate modern variations on design and decoration into their projects.

In this class students will start with a log; breaking it down with a froe, maul, and wedges. Rough shaping of the bowl will be done with a carving axe and adze, while finer finishing cuts will be made with paring gouges. A spokeshave, drawknife, straight sloyd knife and block plane may be used for both coarse and fine cuts along the way.

About the Instructor:

Maine native Danielle Rose Byrd carved her first spoon during her time at College of the Atlantic, and quickly became enamored with hand tools and green woodworking. After attending the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in 2014 she started her own business selling hand-crafted carved wooden spoons, carved bowls, and furniture. Her work was featured in Downeast Magazine's "Best of Maine 2012" and has been shown in galleries throughout the state.

Required Tools

Below are some of the tools we'll learn about in the class. We encourage you to bring your own tools or buy the required tools when you get here, as there are not enough classroom tools to outfit everyone.

Please do not bring tools in need of repair or major fettling – there will not be time to fully tune them for use during the workshop.

Please keep in mind, the best way to guarantee available tools for the class is to call ahead with an order. Some items on this list may be specific to another toolmaker. Please call us with any questions.

Note: The list below references tools Lie-Nielsen carries, though you are welcome to bring tools from other makers.

  • Carving Axe or Hatchet – Gransfors Bruk Swedish Carving Axe is my go-to for bowls because it’s a bit on the heavy end at 2.2lbs. Country Workshops also has a good selection from reliable makers. I try to avoid lighter models with a straight cutting edge, preferring an edge that has curvature.
  • Carving Adze (bent head instead of straight) – Kenneth and Angela Kortemeier from the Maine Coast Craft School offer a great range.
  • Flexible Ruler
  • Large Dividers (8"-12" span) – Elastic bands will also be provided to attach a pencil and serve as a temporary compass.
  • Pencil – Not mechanical.
  • Carving Gouges – At the very least, have a #3 or #5 Sweep Straight Gouge with a width of around 14 mm (referring to the Pfeil system). Pfeil Swiss Made, Addis, Hans Karlsson and Nic Westermann all make beautiful gouges.
  • Mallet
  • Small Roll of Twine – This will be used for layout; anything thin that won’t unravel.
  • Flat Spokeshave
  • Sharpening Kit – Leather strop and stropping compound.
  • Block Plane – The No. 60-1/2 Adjustable Mouth Block Plane will soon be your best friend. There will be a limited number available for class use.
  • Additional Tools

  • Curved Small Spokeshave
  • Gloves – Rubber-palmed Atlas gardening gloves work well. Carving bowls is rough on hands that aren’t used to it. These gloves are also great for a few clamping and leverage tricks.
  • Compass – If you already have a large compass and want to bring one, by all means please do. I use a set of large dividers with a pencil attached to it with an elastic band.
  • Drawknife – Please do not bring tools in need of major fettling. We will have a wonderful sharpening jig (Drawsharp - designed by Peter Galbert, made by Benchcrafted) available for use that makes final honing of the edge a breeze.
  • Additional Carving Gouges – It's great to have a selection of bent and straight gouges with various sweeps and widths, but a good deal of work can be done with just one tool if it is sharp.
  • Sloyd Knife – The Mora 106 is a good option.
  • Chip Carving Knife