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Bench Planes

Form Follows Function. The mid-sized planes are best for roughing work. These include the No. 5, 5½, 6, 10¼, and 62. The longest planes are designed for flattening. These include the No. 7 and 8. The shortest, widest planes are ideal for finishing. These include the No. 3, 4, 4½, and 164.

These solid tools will give excellent results in the most demanding conditions. Precisely made, fit and finished, all Lie-Nielsen planes are ready for use right out of the box with minimal honing required.

All of our Bench Planes have Manganese Bronze caps and frogs, and Cherry knobs and handles, hand shaped and buffed to a silky smooth finish. Iron tools are cast from Ductile Iron, a very strong alloy that will take a lot of abuse. We use Manganese Bronze for the bodies of Bronze tools. These castings are fully stress relieved, a process that removes inherent stresses and ensures that the tool will remain flat and true.The soles of our planes are machine ground flat and square to .0015" or better, regardless of length.

Blades are cryogenically treated A2 tool steel, double tempered to Rockwell 60-62. Blades are shipped with a flat ground 25° bevel. For longer edge life in abrasive or hard woods, increase the bevel angle up to 30° or 35°. This is quickly accomplished by honing a small secondary bevel. Go to the Sharpening section of our website to learn more.

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