Standard Bench Planes

We make all sizes that Stanley once did, from the tiny No. 1 to the huge No. 8. Each has its own charm, but personal preference plays a large part in choosing the right bench plane for a particular job.

Our Standard Bench Planes (except for the No. 1) are based on the Stanley Bedrock design, last produced in 1943. In their golden years, the Bedrocks were the top of the line. They featured a fully machined mating fit between the frog and body, and the ability to adjust the mouth opening from the rear without removing the cap and blade. Lie-Nielsen Bench Planes include these features as well as a Bronze cam lever cap, lateral adjustment, and spinwheel blade adjuster.

The optional High Angle Frog (available for No. 3-No. 7 planes) converts the blade angle from 45° to 50° (York Pitch) and 55° (Middle Pitch). This makes smoothing in difficult woods easier.

Bench Planes

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