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Chippendale Chairs - DVD



Chippendale Chairs

with Jeff Miller

This Chippendale-style Chair has a classic yet simple elegance that fits in well with a wide range of other styles. It's a project you'll want to show off, and building one will greatly increase your capabilities as a woodworker. Carefully worked out methods make this chair an accessible — but still challenging – hand tool project.

Jeff Miller is a furniture designer, craftsman, teacher, and author of woodworking books and articles. His award-winning furniture has been featured in galleries and shows nationwide, and is included in the Decorative Arts Collection of the Chicago History Museum. Learn more about Jeff's furniture and his Chicago-based workshops on his website:


1. What Makes it Chippendale

2. Working with Patterns

3. Joinery Overview

4. Mortising Technique

5. Front Leg Mortises

6. Shaping the Side Rails

7. Lay Out Side Rail Tenons

8. Fitting the Leg and Rail Joints

9. The Crest Rail Mortises

10. Tenons for the Crest Rail

11. Angled Mortise for Backsplat

12. The Backsplat and Saddle

13. Shaping the Crest Rail and Backsplat

14. The Stretchers

15. Stretcher Joints for the Back Legs

16. Rabbeting the Rails and Leg Tops

17. The Corner Blocks and Slip Seat

200 minutes. Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Productions, 2019.

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