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The Knuckle and Rule Joints - DVD



The Knuckle and Rule Joints

with David Charlesworth

The Knuckle and Rule joints are two articulated joints that serve as hinges for the drop leaves found on sofa tables and Pembroke tables. The Knuckle joint is a shop made hinge with wooden barrels turning on a metal pin. These allow the supports to extend and fold away in an elegant manner. Rule joints employ special hinges made with one leaf longer than the other, with the countersunk holes on the face opposite the barrel. David offers his original methods for tackling the intricacies and careful fitting of these fascinating joints.

David Charlesworth has taught woodworking since 1973 and is widely respected in England as a writer for Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine. His specialty is getting the most out of hand tools in precise and original ways.



Knuckle Joint Chapters

1. Preparation

2. Drilling the Holes

3. Marking Out

4. Marking Out & Sawing Knuckles

5. Filling the Gaps

6. Removing the Waste

7. Planing the Apexes

8. Knocking Out the Fillers

9. Cutting V Grooves

10. Using Gouge on End Curves

11. Fit Together

Rule Joint Chapters

12. Marking Out

13. Moulding Planes

14. Removing the Waste

15. Fettling the Hinge

16. Marking Centre of Hinge

17. Marking Recess for Hinge

18. Cutting Recess for Hinge

19. Fitting the Screws

20. Joints Working Together

113 minutes, DVD. Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Productions, 2017.

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