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17th Century Joined Chest - Streaming



Master Workshop: 17th Century Joined Chest

with Peter Follansbee

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Explore the lost craft of 17th century New England joinery as you build this frame and panel chest, which was the hallmark of the joiner's craft in the 1600s.

Using only a few hand tools, Peter shows you how to split and dimension stock from an oak log, prepare the pieces, cut the joints, and assemble the chest using wooden pegs and drawbored mortise and tenon joints.

Peter Follansbee specializes in 17th century period joinery and green woodworking. He spent over 20 years making reproductions furniture at Plimoth Plantation, the living history museum in Plymouth, MA. Peter teaches in craft schools in the US, UK and Sweden and received the Wille Sundqvist and Bill Coperthwaite Slöjd Fellowship in 2016. He co-authored the book, "Make a Joint Stool from a Tree: An Introduction to 17th Century Joinery," with Jennie Alexander. Peter is also featured in several other Lie-Nielsen videos.


1. Splitting Stock from the Oak Log

2. Understanding and Refining the Rough Stock

3. Making the Corner Stiles

4. Laying Out the Back Assembly

5. Making Blanks for Oak Pins

6. Cutting the Mortises

7. Boring the Holes for the Pegs

8. Cutting the Grooves for the Panel

9. Decorative Framing Elements

10. Cutting the Tenons

11. Preparing Framing Pieces for Dry Fit

12. Beveling and Fitting the Panel

13. Laying Out the Till

14. Assembling the Sides

15. Final Dry Fit and Finishing Touches of the Carcase

16. Fitting the Till

17. Installing the Floor

18. Making and Installing the Top

213 minutes, Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Productions, 2012.

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