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Standard Workbench



Please note that due to an unprecedented increase in the cost of materials, especially wood, we have had to raise the price of our workbench.

Our Bench Shop will be producing small batches of workbenches on a regular basis. As these batches are completed, workbenches will be made available here for purchase. Once the batch of benches is sold, we will not be able to take backorders for them. This will allow us to keep the lead times to a minimum, and allow us to process and ship new bench orders in a timely manner.

Lie-Nielsen Workbench

We modified several key features to create the Lie-Nielsen Workbench:

  • The shoulder vise is a chain-drive twin-screw vise, with 12" spacing between the screws, 8" of travel, and a 22-1/2" maple jaw.
  • The rugged tail vise has 6-7" of travel and a non-traditional “no L-block” jaw.
  • The front stretcher is 4-1/8" wide and flush to the front of the legs and benchtop. Trestle legs are 3" square and flush with the front of the bench.
  • No skirt, no tool tray, just plenty of clamping surface.
  • 4" thick solid Hard Maple top.
  • 7 feet long (including tail vise handle) x 2 feet wide (excluding the shoulder vise).
  • Bench height is customizable between 32" and 38".
  • Weight is 320 lbs.
  • Two wooden bench dogs are included.

Benches are shipped disassembled and crated via LTL trucking. You will need to assemble the trestle and mount the top to the trestle. A crated workbench weighs 600 lbs. The crating fee is $400 and standard freight shipping costs will be calculated based on the delivery location. You are also welcome to pick up your workbench at our shop in Maine (Maine State Sales Tax will apply). Please call for shipping quotes: (800) 327-2520.

Click here to download our Workbench Assembly and Care Instructions.

Click here to watch Christopher Schwarz discuss the Lie-Nielsen Workbench on our YouTube channel.


A workbench is one of the most important tools in the shop and needs to be flat, stable and heavy. Lie-Nielsen Workbenches feature simple design and solid construction.

Our benches come equipped with two rugged vises: our Chain-Drive Shoulder Vise, with 8" of travel, and our non-traditional, “no L-block” Tail Vise, with 6½" of travel.

Bench dog holes are along front edge. Dog holes are 1.150" x .950". Holdfast holes along front right leg and benchtop for a variety of work-holding options. Holdfast holes are ¾" diameter. Benches are supplied with two vise handles and two wooden square bench dogs.

Click here to download our Lie-Nielsen Holdfast Hole Layout Diagram.


Most benches currently on the market are approximately 35" (88.9cm) high. For many modern hand tool woodworkers, a taller bench is more comfortable. We can customize the height of a workbench between 32" (81.28cm) to 38" (96.52cm) high.

Right or Left Hand:

The Tail Vise and Chain Drive Vise can be positioned on the bench to accommodate either a right-handed or left-handed orientation.

Please call us with any questions: (800) 327-2520


Lie-Nielsen Workbenches feature simple design and solid construction. No skirt, no tool tray, just plenty of clamping surface. They are made of Hard Maple, a native hardwood that is stable, heavy and tough.


Bench tops are 4" thick solid Maple, machined flat within a tolerance of plus or minus .010". We recommend you reflatten the top as needed, every year or two. The trestle is secured with drawbored mortise and tenon joints.

Lie-Nielsen benches are finished with a 3 equal-part mixture of spar-varnish, boiled linseed oil and turpentine. This traditional finish seals the wood, but does not make it slippery. The finish will need to be renewed from time to time.