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Plane Sharpening

with David Charlesworth

David Charlesworth has taught woodworking since 1973 and is widely respected in England as a writer for Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine. His specialty is getting the most out of hand tools in precise and original ways.

This video is an updated version of David’s first video on Plane Sharpening, originally released in 2004. Filmed at his shop in Devon, England, this new version includes new material on David’s simple techniques for sharpening plane blades, preparing the front edge of chipbreakers, and precise cambering. With two waterstones, a honing guide, and a little practice, you can get razor sharp results in minutes.


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Adjusting squareness
  • 3. Sharpening a straight blade
  • 4. Block plane assembly and setting
  • 5. What is sharpness?
  • 6. Plane blade sharpening angles
  • 7. Honing guide advantages
  • 8. Re-sharpening a cambered blade
  • 9. Types of sharpening stones
  • 10. Stone flattening
  • 11. Preparing the back of a blade
  • 12. Hollow stones are horrible!
  • 13. Preparing an old Hock blade for use
  • 14. Back flattening
  • 15. Grinding with a Tormek grinder
  • 16. Grinding with a high speed bench grinder
  • 17. Removing metal without a grinder
  • 18. Creating camber on a new blade
  • 19. Polishing a cambered edge + Ruler trick
  • 20. Preparing the chip breaker for use
  • 21. Assembling and setting the plane

  • 130 minutes, Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Productions, 2016.

    Made in UK and USA.

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