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Build a Shaker Lap Desk - DVD



Build a Shaker Lap Desk

with Chris Becksvoort

Practice your hand tool woodworking skills with Chris Becksvoort’s classic Shaker lap desk project. Made with white pine, the lap desk features exposed dovetails, breadboard ends with cherry pegs, and compartment dividers. The simplicity and elegance of this 200-year-old design make it appropriate for both traditional functions and the digital age, like writing while seated and working on your laptop or tablet. The two interior dividers are removable, giving you flexible options for storing your devices, cords, paper, or pens.

Chris Becksvoort is widely respected as a fine furniture maker, teacher, and author. In addition to building heirloom quality pieces in his shop in New Gloucester, Maine, Chris teaches at various workshops around the country, including at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. He is also a contributing editor for Fine Woodworking Magazine and author of The Shaker Legacy and With the Grain.


1. Introduction

2. Materials

3. Lay Out the Dovetails

4. Cutting the Dovetails

5. Lay Out and Cut the Pins

6. Cutting the Dadoes

7. Glue-up the Case

8. Rough Fit the Bottom

9. The Top and Breadboards

10. Glue-up the Case and Bottom

11. Shaping the Dividers

12. Add the Hinges and Top

131 minutes. Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Productions, 2018.

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