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Planemaker's Floats

Wooden Molding Plane

These Floats have evolved from years of wooden plane making experience at Clark& Williams. Our Planemaker's Floats can smooth wooden plane surfaces, such as the bedding of the blade, the mouth, and the wedge abutment. To learn how to make your own molding planes, see our video, Making Traditional Side Escapement Planes with Larry Williams, available in DVD and streaming video formats.

Side Floats work the sides of wedge mortises to open them from the initial sinking.

Edge Floats are used to open and size molding plane wedge mortises; 1/8" for the narrowest wedges, and 3/16" for the thicker wedges.

Bed Floats are 1" wide and available in two thicknesses; The 1/8" is best for fitting the iron to the bed of the plane, the 3/16" is great for trimming and final surfacing of chamfers and other work.

Small Cheek Floats allow easy sizing of the mortise to match standardized wedges, and are useful for a number of other fitting and clean-up jobs.

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