Boggs Flat or Curved Sole Spokeshave Blade Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

Boggs Flat or Curved Sole Spokeshave Blade



Please Note: Our blades are designed to fit Lie-Nielsen tools, not other makers'.

Boggs Flat or Curved Sole Spokeshave Blade

Replacement blade for our Curved or Flat Sole Boggs Spokeshaves. Comes with a 25° flat ground bevel.

  • 2" wide x 1/8" thick
  • A2 cryogenically treated Tool Steel


The blade has a 25° bevel and is bedded at 40° to the sole, bevel down.

This tool is set up to take thin shavings (maximum .008-.010" or so). A tool with a large mouth will not perform as well on finish cuts. If you need a heavier cut, the tool can be easily modified by filing a chamfer on the leading edge of the mouth to allow a bigger shaving to pass.

Blade Sharpening:

The blade comes ready to use, but honing a secondary bevel of 5° or 10° will increase performance, help achieve a razor edge quickly, and improve edge life in hardwoods. You can find sharpening instructions in a printable PDF format here:
Sharpening Instructions PDF

For more information on advanced sharpening we recommend David Charlesworth’s video Plane Sharpening, available in both DVD and streaming formats.


Made from A2 Tool Steel, cryogenically treated, hardened to Rockwell 60-62 and double tempered. Our heat treating technique ensures that the blade will take and hold a very fine edge for a long time. After heat treating, the blade is fully surface ground on the top, back, and cutting edge, giving a smooth, flat surface that will take a mirror finish very quickly.


Blades should be kept lightly oiled or waxed to prevent rust. We recommend Jojoba Oil, a plant based oil product that is non-toxic, odor-free and easy to use. Also, in our shop, we use a fine abrasive handblock to remove any light surface oxide from tool bodies and blades. Jojoba Oil and abrasive handblocks are available from us.

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